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An ultra potent activation through the powerful Crystal Tones and Esoteric Synthesizers.

There’s an inner magnetism that brings to us the life that we desire. In this way, our desire becomes a honing mechanism for what is in alignment with our current evolution. The desire comes from our soul and is a clue to what our next step is. The more magnetic we become, the faster we pull in that which is already meant for us. Through the powerful Crystal Tones and Esoteric Synthesizers, we will set the intention for these sacred sounds to imbue the magnetic field of all that are present. That way, if you are seeking to pull in a special person, friend or life path, you will be primed for this to enter your world. With this intimate event, you will be surrounded by Crystal Alchemy Bowls and the powerful healing frequency instruments that line the walls of the Sacred Sound Temple allowing for an ultra potent activation.

Space is limited to 10 guests. Special event with limited space, no refunds on tickets.

Tickets: $108

Discount for 2 Tickets $176 (Save $40)

Bios: Lead by professional musicians, sound healers and husband and wife, Pure & Saraswati Love Dragon. Pure is a Mexico City born creative director and healer. His expanded focus comes through traveling and living abroad, creating Videography, Music, and Spiritual Guidance that moves you through from the deepest darkness to the highest light. Pure is trained in the lineages of Tibetan yoga, Kundalini yoga, Sufism, Rudra Yoga and Anma and Ampuku Bodywork.

He studies with Grandmaster Nir Levi, Isa Love and Murshida Rudi Kadre to develop his esoteric wisdom. Pure’s experience as a professional musician weaves through his work as a healer to create sound activations that facilitate real movement and change in the receiver. Pure is honored to lead experiences with his wife, Saraswati Love Dragon.

Soundbath & Healing Events Facilitator, Saraswati, is a lifelong professional musician, coach, Nir Levi Method Emotional Bodyworker, and yogic practitioner of Tibetan, Hatha + Kundalini Yoga. She has dedicated her life to the spiritual path.

Saraswati, originally from Chicago, came to San Diego to study the path of awakening with her teachers Isa Love & Murshida Rudi Kadre. She joined her husband, Pure, in Dubai UAE for one year to study with Grandmaster Nir Levi where they expanded their modalities to include emotional bodywork.

Now local to San Diego she facilitates workshops, retreats, events for the ultimate healing & awakening of all who come through.

Soundbaths with Saraswati & Pure are curated to place the receivers in a deeply relaxed state where their nervous system can find a new baseline of peace and harmony. Bask in meditative synths, ethereal vocals, crystal tones alchemical bowls, and more.

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