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**”The path is just like razor’s edge, very sharp, and one has to be very relaxed to move on it. A little tension, a little anxiety, a little fear and there is danger”**~ Osho, The Razor’s edge

This Free Zoom tells of a journey of love and immense trust between Krishna Prem and Osho as they move together along a golden path that is both dangerous and ecstatic. This path is called The Razor’s Edge.
For KP, as he likes to be called, The Razor’s Edge is a balancing act between being in his body as he celebrates 80 years on planet Earth and 50 years in his inner body with Osho.

KP will share with us how to fall down… softly… and get up and brush ourselves off with nothing more than a sense of humor. KP will also share with us how to take small risks by sharing about his times with Osho.. and also leading us in simple everyday meditations so you can meet yourself, to feel grounded.

KP is an international teacher of Meditation with over 50 years of experience of leading Meditation workshops in the USA, Europe and India. He was born in America and graduated from Boston University in the United States. Upon graduation, He managed the Ship Hotel in Shepperton England and from there he traveled East in 1973 where he met his teacher and friend Osho in India. He brought his passion for meditation back with him to California where he founded Geetam Ashram which flourished into the biggest Osho Meditation Center in the West. His philosophy is based on the fact that ‘Everything in life is noise but when you focus on meditation the noise turns into music’.

KP is well versed in Advaita Meditation. His teaching includes that ” We are one existence appearing as two friends.”

Simply drop KP an email at krishnaprem@geeyouareyou and he will gift you his first chapter on his new book Aloneness A Love Story.

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