Online SOULFEST Event

Mishka Productions based in Scottsdale Arizona, has been creating Celebrate Your Life events for 25 years! And we are so grateful to create and offer our first ever Online SOULFEST (February 24 to 28) and it’s absolutely FREE! Connect with over 55 of the world’s leading spiritual teachers as they share their wisdom and powerful [...]

Divine Feminine Summit

FREE Online Event - Join thousands of women for the Divine Feminine Summit launching January 13. One video a day in your inbox by 8 am each day for 3 weeks. Each speaker will give YOU a transmission of a Divine Feminine ARCHETYPE -- Lakshmi, Wonder Woman, Athena, Divine Mother, Sensual Siren, Wise Woman, Graceful [...]

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Yule Winter Solstice Celebration for women ~ Honoring St. Lucia

Goddesses! Join us at the beautiful, private Goddess Studio of  Escondido for our annual Yule/Winter Solstice celebration Ceremony & Potluck!   This Yule we will be celebrating the return of the light by recognizing a Swedish tradition of honoring Santa Lucia, "Goddess-Queen-Bride" of the light! You may not have heard of her, but in Sweden her [...]

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Calling on the Divine Feminine

Somewhere in your life, somewhere in your body, you have heard the call. The Divine Feminine is rising. Now more than ever we are being asked to step into our full, powerful selves in service to a more peaceful, harmonious world. In one way or another, in our lives and in our world, we are [...]

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