Swami Nirvanananda Benefit Concert

"An Endless Stream of Love Divine" Sunday, August 18 ~ Seaside Center ~ 7 PM Don't miss this once a year special evening. Swami Nirvanananda really conveys a deep sense of Love, Peace and Happiness. Help Us Support All the Good Work he does in the World. Only public Kirtan with Swami in Encinitas this [...]

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Japanese Garden Healing Retreat

A Morning of Meditation, Gentle Yoga, and Sound Therapy We live in a yang world – a swirl of chaos, stress, and frustration. Discover a place in the heart of the city where you can come back into balance and find tranquility. Join us in a luxurious morning mini-retreat, your opportunity to find peace in [...]

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Discover Your Soul’s Path and Akashic Records

DISCOVER YOUR SOUL'S PATH THROUGH THE AKASHIC RECORDS! taught by Holly Hawkins Marwood Elite Certified Akashic Record Instructor & Reader In this NEW CERTIFICATION COURSE WE WILL: * Explore the great opportunity of our age: Being Awake, Aware and Aligned with your Soul’s purposes while successfully engaging in the everyday world. * Learn powerful strategies [...]

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Slow Dive Sound Healing with Alex Young

Soften into a profound state of relaxation and peace during this 60-minute class designed to systematically relax the body and the mind. This class begins with gentle breath and movement to release tensions from the day while preparing the body and mind for relaxation. You are then guided through the deeply relaxing practice while being [...]

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Experience True Richness with Jai Gopal

Join us~ April 20th 2019 4:00 - 7:00 pm Members: $25 Non Members: $35 Located at CommuniTea Yoga & Meditatio 609 Vista Way Oceanside CA 92054 The Nature of real prosperity is a magnet which attracts all that is necessary for you. So why is this not most people’s experience? Because there are obstacles in [...]

Hands Of Light Workshop

Hand of Light   Based on the work of Barbara Brennan, these Hands of Light workshops will help you learn to activate the healing power within you to heal yourself and others. You will give and receive healings during these interactive workshops. Nancy Christine and Kathy Bower are both Barbara Brennan teachers and practitioners. The [...]

Sat Nam Rasayan Workshop + Free Healing Clinic

Everyone has an innate capacity for healing: to heal ourselves, to heal others and to help others heal themselves. You can begin today to access your own miraculous healing abilities. The purpose of healing is not just to rid us of disease and not only a measure to restore that which has been lost. Healing [...]

Truth For Real Video Series: Enter Into Unlimited Profundity, Part 2 of 2

On October 6, 2005, Avatar Ad Da is asked a question from one of his first devotees who wanted clarification about his karma and his trouble with repeatedly getting into car accidents.  Here are some highlights of what Adi Da communicated and what we will further consider: The difference between seemingly negative events like an accident, sickness [...]

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Rediscovering your Self with freedom,connection and peace

This event is Free... What to Expect: Rediscover your Self with freedom, connection and peace The Mirror-Experience is... the process of allowing your awareness to "be-with" what you are noticing. Whatever is between you and Self melts... providing access to re-discovering your Self with freedom, connection, and peace. How it works… “Being-with" is the opposite [...]

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Special Full Moon in Virgo Class

Join us tonight from 6:00 - 7:30 For this very special Full Moon in Virgo Class with Tina, Ardas Taran! Members: $11 Non-Members: $22 Located at: CommuniTea Yoga & Mediation 609 Vista Way Oceanside, CA 92009