Ammachi Satsang Weekly in San Diego

San Diego satsang was started several years ago by a small group of volunteers.  Now, there are about 30 to 40 people who regularly attend satsangs and other various events. The Satsang meets every Saturday at 6:00 PM at various locations, and is followed by a delicious vegetarian potluck. The Greater San Diego satsang meets [...]

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Swami Nirvanananda Benefit Concert

"An Endless Stream of Love Divine" Sunday, August 23 ~ Seaside Center ~ 10:30 am Don't miss this once a year special Live Stream Benefit Concert with Swami Nirvanananda He really conveys a deep sense of Love, Peace and Happiness. Help Us Support All the Good Work he does in the World. Online public Kirtan [...]

Find Peace & Use World Events for True Purpose

April 3-Week Program with Neelam Worldwide TeleSatsang – Open to All Sunday's April 12, 19 & 26 Registration Page: “How to Find Peace and use Current World Events (Coronavirus and economic challenge) to Connect with the True Purpose of this Life” Peace, Love, and Freedom are already here – at the core of our [...]

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Tasting Infinity

Whether we realize it or not, we are all looking for Infinity. From habit, we may look outside, in the world of phenomena and sensory experience. This retreat will explore experientially and conceptually how to reclaim our infinite nature, how to abide in it and make it real even as we live in this physical world. This [...]

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9th Annual New Years Gong Immersion

Set your intention for 2020. Come groove with the Light Vibrations Gong Ensemble and gracefully let go of 2019 and celebrate the coming of 2020, the year of the rat.  And Ganesh rides the rat. So guess who’s coming to New Years Eve.  Jai Ganesha… Join Dhyanjot, Chef/percussionist Joel Koch, and friends on an all [...]

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The Secrets to Your Spiritual Success

Metaphysics teaches that the reason that we all incarnate here on earth is twofold - to reach our spiritual potential and to fulfill our purpose. Although we are given everything we need in our life to fully accomplish both, we on average only reach about 50% of our potential and purpose. In this session we [...]

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Gong Immersion-Joy and Happiness

Joy and Enthusiasm Gong Immersion Come join us for an evening of sound healing to invigorate the joy and the enthusiasm that is contagious when 4 planets are in Sagittarius.   The experience includes light movements, uplifting the joy and light meditation, Shamanic or Yoga Nidra journey, and 1:30 minute gong sound healing with 11 [...]

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Sound Healing Meditation Balboa Park Friendship Gardens

Light Vibrations Gong Ensemble is led by Gong Master Dhyanjot. Each meditation and healing session is inspired, created, and choreographed based on the universal planetary arrangement of the day (Vedic Astrology) making each session unique and special. The journey may include up to 14 carefully chosen planetary gongs, Tibetan singing bowls, crystal singing bowls, alchemy [...]

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“The Answer” film & Potluck with Kirtan

"The Answer" film/Potluck/Kirtan this Saturday Sept. 14th @ Ananda Encinitas & The Temple of Joy Potluck ~ Dinner ~ Chanting Songs 6PM Saturday Ananda Encinitas ~ Temple of Joy 946 Hermes Avenue, Leucadia, Ca 92024 September 14th marks the 71st Anniversary of Swami Kriyanandaji's discipleship to Paramahansa Yogananda. "The Answer" is a true story depicting [...]

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Karma Clearing Workshop

Karma Clearing Workshop Karma is something that is frequently misunderstood. Some believe if you do something good something good will happen to you, or if you do something bad, something bad will happen to you. Karma is quite simply an incomplete cycle, something you started but haven't finished. Usually those things that you haven't finished [...]

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