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This Virgo Full Moon Meditation is perfectly aligned with the Sun in Pisces, to help you connect deeply with your higher self, and detoxify

This Full Moon Meditation is perfectly timed with the moon in detail-oriented Virgo and the sun in intuitive Pisces.

The Virgo-Pisces axis is all about balancing practicality with intuition. This Full Moon meditation will help you find equilibrium between the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.

Why Virgo Full Moon Meditation?

  1. Virgo’s Precision and Purification: The Virgo Full Moon energy is ideal for introspection and cleansing or reorganization. The detoxification be physical or a change in mental and emotional patterns. By refining and purifying these aspects, you create a clearer channel to connect with your higher self.
  2. Enhanced Focus on Health and Wellness: Virgo energy amplifies the focus on physical well-being. This helps connect to your higher self, as a healthy body allows more space for spiritual growth and exploration.
  3. Pisces Sun Complementing Virgo Moon: While Virgo brings attention to detail and practicality, Pisces, a water sign, adds a layer of intuition, creativity, and spiritual depth. The sun in Pisces during a Virgo Full Moon allows for a harmonious blend of practical self-improvement and intuitive, spiritual insights.

Here’s What We’ll Do:

  1. Holistic Detoxification: Utilize the meticulous energy of Virgo to detoxify not just your physical habits but also mental patterns that hinder your spiritual growth.
  2. Focus on Body Energy Cleansing: Special emphasis on cleansing the energy of your digestive system, eyes, and ears, aligning with Virgo’s association with health and well-being.
  3. Spiritual Connection with Your Highest Self: Pisces’ influence brings a profound depth to your spiritual journey, enhancing your connection with your highest self.

How The Meditation Works:

  1. How to Join: A link will be sent via email post-payment. Check your inbox and spam folder. Join a few minutes early for a meet and greet.
  2. Preparation Tips: Create a quiet and comfortable space for the session. You may wish to have a journal to record any messages or insights received.
  3. Post-Meditation Clarity and Peace: Common feedback is a sense of clarity, peace, and heightened awareness post-meditation, accompanied by a deeper understanding of one’s spiritual path.

Who Can Join:

Whether you are an experienced meditator or just starting, this session is enriching for everyone.

A Virgo Full Moon Meditation, especially when the sun is in Pisces, is an excellent time for a detailed self-review and purification process, both physically and emotionally.

Embrace this unique celestial alignment to cleanse, connect, and elevate your spirit under the gentle glow of the full moon.

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