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Learn the art of holographic time travel to shift your personal version of reality, and interface the Creators of this dimensional realm

You’ve probably encountered the concept of the ‘Singularity,’ a hypothetical future point at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible, leading to unimaginable changes in human civilization. Now, let’s gaze into the prophetic lens of our future through the perspective of the Soul ~ a spiritual Singularity.

In the words of Morpheus, “The Matrix is everywhere.” The Matrix movie serves as a reminder that we shape our own reality, a malleable substance as fluid as mercury. As intrepid explorers of consciousness, we have been encoded to hack the mainframe of what appears to generate the hologram of existence.

Embark on a mind-altering journey on January 31st that will place the power in your hands to shift your personal version of reality, perceive through 👁️Evolutionary Eyes👁️, and encounter the ‘Movie Makers’ of this dimensional realm. This Masterclass is not only packed with far-reaching concepts, but also offers guided experiences to propel you beyond the confines that bind you to time and consensus reality.

In our upcoming ReGenesis transmission, you will:

🚀 Learn the art of holographic time travel and liberate yourself from ‘The Matrix’

🔑 Discover the ability to instantly alter the perceptual filters shaping your reality

🌪️ Explore the ‘Singularity’ concept from a Soul perspective

👁️ Receive frequency transmissions from an omnipresent Creator Race existing in our ‘future’

🧩 Decode the neural structures responsible for multi-dimensional awareness in your brain

🔮 Listen to my firsthand accounts of time travel and encounters with extra-dimensional beings

We are all, in essence, time and space voyagers, rewiring the intricate circuitry of our nervous system and psyche to exist within a profound quantum reality, thus transforming how we consciously craft our world. These are your own tales of a time-traveler—an awakened dreamer navigating the vastness of existence.

As always, these events are by donation ~ join for as little $1. Donate now and receive the recording even if you can’t make the live experience

Check for your time zone and mark your calendar:

Hawaii 3 – 5 pm (Jan. 31)

Los Angeles 5 – 7 pm (Jan. 31)

New York 8 – 10 pm (Jan. 31)

London 1 – 3 am (Feb. 1)

Sydney 12 – 2 pm (Feb. 1)

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